Snake . . ?

Lame post… but I was on my way home and while crossing a suspiciously empty street I just happened to look down to avoid the blistering heat on my face and behold before my eyes I saw not one but three ‘adult’ magazines just lying on the road. As I looked around for an awkwardly placed box with the flaps on the outside I thought that Snake is getting wasteful these days… or is he? It was an empty street after all. To avoid the same fate I ran screaming down the road. Actually it was just too damn hot too run or scream, so I just waddled home.

Game Physics, Optimization Tips and a Blog

Great optimisation tips for both actionscripters and non-actionscripters by Tom Moor. He’s also listed a great set of game physics links that are worth at least a glance and it’s nice to see his blog with Jonny Mccormack about the development of their Flash racing game.

Andreescu and Gaivoronski

Andreescu and Gaivoronski features a very cool navigation system made up of paper strips. A simple, though inefficient, system. I like it alot. Not really much else to say but they have a cool gallery fitting of their site and skills as architects.

Andreescu and Gaivoronski

Ceci n’est pas du papier

“Ceci n’est pas du papier” or as Mac Translate translates it to be “This is not paper” has a very cool and interesting paper look, but sadly from the brief look I had of it the content wasn’t as good as the site looked, although the ‘product design’ section is nice but doesn’t really strike innovation in design.

Ceci n'est pas du papier


FiveStone braves the comic book look and it looks good thought it’s a bit tedious to navigate. Still it’s a nice looking site with good portfolio. It even features a pac man game.


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